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Guide for OT cylinder sets

Guide for OT cylinder sets

Guide for OT cylinder sets!

To help you narrow down your search for a cylinder set for your Honda four-stroke moped we made a list. In this list you will find which set fits your type moped  

Please check first if your engine is an actual old type (OT) engine. In the list below the models are listed with an OT-type engine. Is your model not listed in this list? Please read further in the blog about NT cylinder sets. Is your model also not listed in that list, please contact us.

Models with an old type (OT) engine:

Old type (OT) engines are recognizable by i.a. a 6 volt system and a breaker points and condenser ignition circuit.
  • Honda SS50 and CD50
  • Honda C50 OT and C70 OT
  • Honda Dax (older types from the '70s)
  • Honda Monkey (older types from the '70s)
  • Jincheng old type (Only the version without electrical starter, but with 12volt and CDI!)

If you are sure your moped has an old type engine, please search the list below for the desired displacement. If you decide to keep using your old cylinder head, please pay attention if the desired set fits with your current head.  Its also possible to replace the cylinder and the cylinder head at the same time.

We assume that engines are original! If you are in doubt whether your engine is original or not, please contact us!

Do you have further questions after reading this blog, please ask them on the bottom of this page.

Please click the product number to view the set.

50cc sets

1030090014 50cc set Japanese
1030090007 50cc original, honed, with trade-in
1030090002 50cc original, honed, without trade-in

70cc sets for OT 50cc cylinder head:

1110002103 70cc aluminium, 49cc imprint, Japanese
1030090004 70cc steel, 49cc imprint, Japanese
1030090102 70cc steel, 72cc imprint, replica
1110000151 70cc steel, 49cc imprint, honed, with trade-in.
1110000152 70cc steel, 49cc imprint, honed, without trade-in.

70cc sets for OT 70cc cylinder head:

1110008351 70cc steel, 49cc imprint, including cylinder head
1110001275 70cc steel, 49cc imprint, Japanese
1110002105 70cc aluminium, 49cc imprint, Japanese
1110002106 70cc steel, 72cc imprint, Japanese

85cc sets

1110008259 85cc steel, 49cc imprint, including OT 70 cylinder head
1110001149 85cc steel, 72cc imprint, for 50cc cylinder head
1110005679 85cc steel, 49cc imprint, for 70cc cylinder head 
1030090066 85cc steel, 72cc imprint, for 70cc cylinder head

  Coos     06-11-2018 16:57     Comments ( 1 )
Comments (1)
 Chris Folkersma -  01-03-2020

Mijn cylinder staat 11100-16H00 wat betekent dat ? Mvg Folkersma